Development of an integrated bee colony measurement and monitoring hardware

Development of an integrated real time measurement system to continuously monitor bee colonies using automatic or automated information technology based solutions to detect different states of colonies and apiaries enabling remote control of colonies in apiary and rapid reaction by the beekeeper in case of necessity. Developed measurement system will aim to help beekeepers to recognize different bee colony states, such as brood rearing state, swarming state and identify any critical changes in the colony remotely.

Within this work package a prototype of the bee colony monitoring device will be developed. Monitoring will be based on hive microclimate, environmental, audio and video observations. Different combination of devices will be analyzed on efficiency of their performance for optimal bee colony monitoring. Different scenarios will be compared: one unified device with possibility to obtain all necessary data, or usage of separate devices for each specific bee colony parameter. Also economical aspect would be taking into account to propose adequate solution for the end user and ease the use of such device. Main objective of this WP3 is to combine all individually developed sensors within one unified device.

Different configuration of system will be proposed based on available source of electrical power (electrical network, limited local energy sources like batteries, solar power – Turkish partner have experience in usage of solar power).

The developed device will be connected to a conventional PC for data storage and further analysis. The device may control the peripheral tools such as heating or cooling devices for the hives. The device will include wireless communication tools between hives to collect hive data from hives placed away in an outdoor apiary.


Milestone: First prototype of the integrated measurement and monitoring system for the bee colony will be developed.