Development of a measurement data analysis software tool with a Web based application for data publication


Precision Apiculture involves collection of a vast amount of bee colony measurement data (microclimate, environmental, audio and video). This represents a valuable source of information about bee colony state and bee health. These data can become an important basis for monitoring and adjusting new systems under real circumstances, and be a valuable supplement to experimental agricultural research. Main problem is to analyze and understand what the data really shows and represents. During this WP2 a specific tool (PC application) will be developed for data analysis.

The application will be able to show all measured data with many different options to analyze the data. It will be possible to group data by date, or by period of time. It will be possible to make charts to visualize the data. Additionally an automated data analysis to discover untypical colony states will be implemented.

Some additional modules will be included in this developed application. One important feature will be the error notification option. For example when the one of the bee hive parameters will reach the beekeepers defined critical limits, a warning message will appear on the webpage or/and sms notification automatically will be sent to the beekeepers mobile phone.

All bee colony data will be accessible globally using a Web based application. Such type of applications can be accessible from anywhere, where Internet connection is possible. The main idea is that a beekeeper from any place, where there is Internet coverage or using the mobile device, could connect to the web server and check colony parameters in the hives. As beekeepers usually are not very experienced in using PC applications, WEB interface will be as simple as possible, without any possibility to make any wrong actions.

Web interface could be divided into modules (forms) to separate colony measurements:

  • Real time information about bee hive microclimate with additional option for detailed analysis of bee hives with option to graphically demonstrate average, minimal or maximal parameters for the colony. This module will be set to alarm the beekeepers when the hive microclimate critically changes so the beekeepers can act before the death of the colony occurs.
  • Real time audio stream of the bee colony.
  • Real time video stream of the bee colony.
  • Configuration module – option for administration and to define some web system parameters.
  • Data sharing between different beekeepers. Specific data will be available for public (global) view.


Milestone: Working online web based data storage and analysis software tool.