Development of a decision support software

Decision support system (DSS) is a PC based system, which is used for automatic data analysis with main aim to recognize the status of the monitored object. Objective of this WP4 is to develop DSS with main aim to recognize the different states of the bee colony in real time and to advise solution and actions for the beekeeper in case of the necessity.

System can recognize different states of the colony: death of the bee colony, start of intensive brood rearing process, preswarming state etc.

For example DSS can conclude that bee colony is started the process of brood rearing. It can be concluded when the colony temperature is started to increasing, while environmental temperature is stable. For beekeeper this information is important because it is possible to slow down this process if it is necessary.The local honey bee associations and many private beekeepers in partner countries are very interested with a wireless online hive temperature monitoring system which is able to regulate the hive condition through managing the peripheral devices attached to hives especially during winter to prevent colony losses because of hard winter conditions or lack of insulation. DSS will operate and use all the obtained data about bee colony, and combining together temperature, audio and video analysis will be more precise and system proposed solution can be precise as well.

Developing DSS high attention will be granted to historical data comparison with the real time data.


Milestone: Data analysis algorithms are developed and decision support system is finished.