Project management

Project will be lead by project coordinator (Latvia University of Agriculture). The Project team will be built up including, besides the project coordinator and project assistants from project department of LUA, the project contact persons from each partner institutions. The role of contact persons at partner institutions will be the information distribution and dissemination of project results.

Quality assurance of the project will be based on continuous monitoring and evaluation actions during the project implementation as well will be followed that sufficient amount of human resources (professionals in needed field) are allocated for the project implementation.

Project management will guarantee the successful completion of the project goals and objectives. It involves coordination of international cooperate work of partners, reporting of the project stages, arranging the project work flow and solving administrative problems. The result of this work package will be the achievement of the project objectives.

The results of the project will be presented to the society via publications on the projects web page in scientific and non-scientific journals, presentations on scientific and beekeeping conferences.


Milestone: Achievement of the project objectives and European wide awareness of the project.