• 02.2016 - Doctoral student Armands Kviesis participated in scientific conference “Līdzsvarota Lauksaimniecība” in Jelgava, Latvia.

• 02.2016 – Aleksejs Zacepins participated in ICT-Agri workshop and seminar, where ITAPIC project was presented.

• 02.2016 – Overview of the ITAPIC project is published in ICT-Agri publication “ICT-Agri ERA-NET projects 2010-2015”.

• 03.2016 – Article about Precision Beekeeping is published in Latvian newspaper “Zemgales Ziņas”.

• 05.2016 – Doctoral student Armands Kviesis and Dr. Aleksejs Zacepins participated in 7th International Conference “Biosystems Engineering 2016” in Tartu, Estonia. Two posters were presented during the conference: “Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Honey Bee Swarming identification” and “Precision Apiculture approach for improving bee colony management”.

• 05.2016 - Doctoral student Armands Kviesis and Dr. Aleksejs Zacepins participated in 17th International Carpathian Control Conference “ICCC 2016” in High Tatras, Slovakia. Two scientific papers was published in conference proceedings and presented during the conference: “Application of Neural Networks for Honey Bee Colony State Identification” and “Beekeeping in the future – smart apiary management”.

• 06.2016 - It is published a research paper "Remote detection of the swarming of honey bee colonies by single-point temperature monitoring" in journal "Biosystems Engineering". DOI: 10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2016.05.012.


Doctoral student and researcher Jurijs Meitalovs and Dr.sc.ing. Aleksejs Zacepins participated in 44th Apimondia International Apicultural Congress in Daejeon, Korea. Two posters were presented at the congress: “ITAPIC project - IT tools for implementation of Precision Beekeeping” and “Bee colony temperature monitoring based on Raspberry Pi”. More details about the event here.


Doctoral student and researcher Armands Kviesis and Dr.sc.ing. Aleksejs Zacepins participated in 14th International Scientific Conference “Engineering for Rural Development” in Jelgava, Latvia. Two papers were presented at the conference: “Application of wireless sensor networks in Precision Apiculture” and “Honey bee colony monitoring with implemented decision support system”.

Links to paper downloads are:



Doctoral student and researcher Armands Kviesis presented ITAPIC project and developed honey bee colony monitoring system based on Raspberry Pi during 19th International Scientific Practical conference in Rezekne, Latvia.


Article “Precision beekeeping (precision apiculture): research needs and status in Latvia” is published in journal “Agriculture and Forestry”. DOI: 10.17707/AgricultForest.61.1.17.

Link to the article.

Article “System Architectures for Real-time Bee Colony Temperature Monitoring” is published in journal “Procedia Computer Science”. DOI: 10.1016/j.procs.2014.12.012.

Link to the article.


It is published a review article "Challenges in the development of Precision Beekeeping" in journal "Biosystems Engineering". DOI: 10.1016/j.biosystemseng.2014.12.001.

Link to the article.


ITAPIC partners participated in 4th International Mugla Beekeeping and Pine Honey Congress. Two posters about bee wintering building and bee colony weight monitoring were presented by Aleksejs Zacepins and Mahmut Durgun. Egils Stalidzans made and oral presentation about ITAPIC project. Detailed information about the event here


Aleksejs Zacepins participated in AgroSym 2014 (V International Scientific Agricultural Symposium). Symposium was held in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina in 23-26 October 2014. Dr. Zacepins presented ITAPIC project and signed paper "Precision Beekeeping (Precision Apiculture): research needs and status in Latvia". Detailed information about the event here



Aleksejs Zacepins participated in ICT-AGRI workshop on "Creating innovation from ICT-AGRI funded research projects". During the workshop ITAPIC and all others ICT-Agri second call projects were presented.

Aleksejs Zacepins and Egils Stalidzans participated in Latvian ICT-Agri informative event, which took place in IT Demo center in Riga. Successful Latvian projects (ITAPIC and STRATOS) were presented to all participants.

Aleksejs Zacepins and Jurijs Meitalovs presented ITAPIC project and developed multi-node temperature measurement system during International Carpathian Control Conference 2014 (ICCC 2014). Event take place in Velke Karlovice, Czech Republic. More inforamtion about the event here. Information about article here.

Valters Brusbardis presented ITAPIC project during annual Latvian Beekeeping Association spring conference. Event take place in „Ramava”, Valdlauchi, Kekavas region on 22 of March.

ITAPIC project coordinator (Dr. Aleksejs Zacepins) during his visit to Karaman University (Turkey) presented ITAPIC project to the University staff and students.

Presentation can be downloaded here:


Natalija Bulipopa presented ITAPIC project during International Trade Fair for Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking, Automation, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Production Supplies,Tools and Innovated Technologies TECH INDUSTRY 2013. Trade took place in Kipsala exibition center in Riga, Latvia.

Details about event is here